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Uncle Greg

Uncle Greg's Backwoods Spit's

                   Uncle Greg’s Backwoods Cooking Spits started with Uncle Greg and a group of friends at his cabin in southwest Wisconsin in the late 1980’s.  While standing around the camp fire, they started discussing fun things to cook or grill at the cabin. So Uncle Greg decided to build a spit to have when he would go to the cabin. The first time Uncle Greg took the spit to the cabin, a deer was hit by a car in the area, so he put it on the spit and relaxed while it cooked over the fire.  Then after a couple of hours it was ready to eat. They didn't even bother to take it off the fire. It was tasty.  Over the years since, he has cooked over the spit, whole chickens(2 or more at a time if you would like), wild and tame turkey’s, rolled beef roasts and pork roasts. For parties, Uncle Greg has had on the large spit, a 15# rolled beef roast, a 15# rolled pork roast, a wild turkey, and a tame turkey all at the same time. They were all done in about 4 hours. Don’t start cleaning up before you get a bite, because there may not be any left when you get back. Take it from Uncle Greg, it happened to him twice. The spits can be dismantled for easy storage or for transport for camping trips, back yard parties,  or any reason you may need. It is constructed of heavy duty steel so it will last for a long time.              

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